broken · damaged · evil · fragmented · hate · love · pain · pride · revenge · vanity

My callous lips

I could never forgive you. You are a hypocrite. You are a slut in a virgin's clothing and you disgust me. You don't have the right to condemn a sin because you are sin itself. How can you despise something you clearly are capable of doing? You are a nefarious fraud, you are a worthless… Continue reading My callous lips

broken · damaged · evil · forgiveness · fragmented · hate · love · pain · pride · tears · vanity

Brick wall

I didn't know. I had no idea. I was clueless. It was me. It was all me, I changed, I became distant, I turned into a heartlessĀ mortal. I didn't care about your feelings, I thought you were the one who's beings selfish, that you were trying to push me away, that you changed. I was… Continue reading Brick wall

broken · courage · damaged · evil · fragmented · hate · heartbreak · hope · lies · pain · tears


Hope ruins people. It ruined me. Hope deliberately betrayed my perspective which I tried so hard to create, it's like standing on the edge of failure clinging desperately only to be pushed by reality, living through each day hoping and praying that everything would change, that it would make sense, that one morning I'd wake… Continue reading Fragmented