Star-crossed Lovers

Serenity: I felt a sudden moment of solace when you kissed me, the world crumbled below my defiance, my nerves jolted , my universe lost its course.

When you pulled me in, I felt another version of the world, I felt a different kind of defeat, something that I’ll never be able to reminisce, too terrifying, too wretched.

I’ll take a step away from you, until this feeling turn into a dull persistent ache, and maybe in another life, we could have a chance, we could happen, but until then, I need to get away from this madness…from you.


  1. The stars sometimes have ways of favoring the fate of lovers..some highly, others slightly different.
    But love is due to those it’s been due. Sad, we might say, but true.
    Dark yet lovely post Steph! Happy Heart’s Day!

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    1. Happy Valentines Day Kuya. Love is truly amazing, it huts sometimes, it’s painful sometimes, but love will always be the closest thing we have to magic, and I guess people will never really get tired of loving, no matter how much it could kill them. This is for a friend of mine this Valentines, a love that will never be. ๐Ÿ™‚

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